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Caring for your financial health
while you care for others. 

Give your financial health the professional care it needs. 

When it comes to physical health, you can’t go to the doctor or dentist once and assume you’ll stay healthy for many decades. Getting and staying healthy is an ongoing, life-long endeavor. 
The same is true with financial wellness. You can’t just put some money in a retirement account or make a few investments and assume you’re going to reach your financial goals. You shouldn’t just hope you’re money is growing or that you have sufficient insurance coverage. Again, like health, you need to monitor, make adjustments and seek treatments when issues arise. 

Todd Doobrow, CFP®, ChFC®, RICP®, MBA

Certified Financial Planner

(205) 778-2020

Todd began his career in the financial services industry on the investment side, working for two multinational banks in holding operations and equity trading positions. He soon realized, however, he wanted to work ...

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Chris Rogers

Registered Services Administrator

(205) 858-1067

We specialize in your financial wellness. 

At Curato, we have extensive training and years of experience helping physicians and dentists improve their financial wellness. In fact, Todd spent eight years ‘healing’ his dentist father-in-law’s estate after he suddenly passed away. He learned first-hand what preventive care, modifications and treatments medical and dental professionals need to plan and prepare for a long, healthy financial life. 
That personal experience inspired Todd to dedicate his practice to helping physicians and dentists become financially healthy. He knows how to evaluate, diagnose and provide efficient solutions for maximizing earnings, managing risk and minimizing fees and tax liabilities. He specializes in caring for your financial health while you care for others. 

Our independence sets us apart. 

As a medical professional, you also understand the importance of independence. Of being able to use your expertise and experience to prescribe the best treatment or solution for your patient without external influences, demands or quotas. 
At Curato, we are independent, too. We’re not part of a large company, which means we’re not required to sell certain products regardless of whether they meet our clients’ needs. We have the absolute freedom to explore and select the products and solutions that are best for our clients and their long-term financial outcomes. And that’s exactly what we do. 

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