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Our Approach

Listen. Evaluate. Diagnose. Treat.
Sound familiar?

Just like you listen to your patients, we listen to you. 

As you know, you learn a lot about your patients by listening to them. You learn about their past history, their habits, their symptoms and their health and wellness goals. In fact, listening to patients is what enables you to provide the most appropriate and effective care. 
Again, the same is true when it comes to financial wellness. So, when we first meet, we ask a few questions and then we listen. Closely. From this active listening, we gain an understanding of your lifestyle and financial personality. Most importantly, we learn about your concerns, plans, goals and dreams for the future. 

We prescribe financial efficiency.

At Curato, we believe the key to fiscal wellness is what we call financial efficiency. You see, most of the dentists and physicians we work with come to us having done some financial planning. As in, they might have a retirement account, some life insurance or a few investments. Which is great. But we want to make sure all those accounts, policies and plans are working as efficiently as possible. 
For example, are you paying excessive fees on your retirement or other investment accounts? Do you have too much life insurance but not enough disability insurance? One of our key strengths is carefully analyzing your current accounts and policies to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit, growth and protection. This fine-tuning — and adding if necessary — will help ensure you reach your short- and long-term financial goals and, most of all, give you confidence about your financial health and future. 

We evaluate your current financial condition. 

Before we can create a financial treatment plan, we must evaluate your current financial condition. We do this using what we call SMART ratios. That is, we look at your savings, mortgage and other debt, liquid assets, retirement planning and total assets. 
This comprehensive picture of your current finances allows us to diagnose problems, identify strengths and create a plan for improving your financial health today and also for achieving your long-term goals. 

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